5 Day Masai Steppe Natron, Mto wa Mbu Oldoinyo Lengai Hiking

14 Day Safari Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar
October 21, 2016

Masai Steppe Natron, Mto wa Mbu Oldoinyo Lengai Hiking in 5 days is a lifetime experience to climb one of the active volcano mountain in Africa. The safari include also visiting lake Natron, Masai Steppe and Mtowambu

1Day 1: Safari To the Camp
Our safari in this day will start early in the morning and we will drive from the town of Mto Wa Mbu, then follow the Rift Valley escarpment north to the village of Engaresero where we will camp there for a moment before take the next steps for our walking safari.
2Day 2: The Volcano.
Today we start early in order to gain as much altitude up the volcano as possible in the cool of the morning. Our hike follows narrow ridges of scree and volcanic dust and ash which run between steep gullies. We’ll set up camp in the south crater, a safe distance from the active north crater. The north crater itself offers a unique opportunity to view an active volcano with recent streams of molten lava, steaming vents and open lava pools…The lava on this mountain has the distinction of being black during the day and a dull orange at night due to its relatively cool temperature.
3 Day 3: Safari to Masai Steppe
We trek to the summit this morning and enjoy the sunrise over the Maasai Steppe…From the top our vista will included Mount Meru, the extinct volcano Kerimasi, Lake Natron and even Mount Kilimanjaro.After lunch we will descend the mountain and return to our camp at Engare Sero village by early evening.
4Day 4: Safari to Lake Natron
Today we’ll visit Lake Natron and the local Masai village who make this area with its harsh environment their home.
5Day 5: Safari to Mto wa Mbu
After breakfast we will drive back to Mto Wa Mbu and continue our safari.